Dear Ixellois and Ixelloises,

Despite the heat our holidays are nearly over, meanwhile the CETA and TTIP negotiators have been continuing work on their goal to pass these treaties.  Time is running out!  There is just one month left to stop CETA, the Canada-EU Treaty which will potentially open the door to the passage of TTIP. The next key date is an EU Canada summit in Brussels on the 28th and 29th of September where they will probably sign the CETA treaty, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, will be present.  Once CETA has been signed it will be sent to the European Parliament in November.

The European Commission has allowed that CETA is a mixed treaty, that it has to be approved/ratified by each of the individual member states BUT they also intend to provisionally apply the treaty after it has been signed and before ratification.  Meaning that the effects of CETA will come into play from the end of September.  We are already noticing a certain watering down of legislation in order to comply with the terms of CETA.

The best approach to stop CETA coming into force is to persuade member states not to ratify it.  There have already been doubts expressed in various countries and the opposition to these undemocratic treaties is growing.  We have a strong possibility of being able to influence our own country, Belgium, with each of its 5 different parliaments having the possibility to block the Federal Parliament from ratifying.  Opposition is extremely strong at a local level, especially in Wallonia and Brussels.

A total of 175 Belgian communes have voted motions against TTIP, of which 56 have declared themselves TTIP free zones.  Only 23 have voted in favour with another 6 in discussion.  This is out of a total of 589 communes in Belgium where less than 10 communes in Flanders have pronounced a verdict.  We can proudly say that our commune Ixelles was one of the first to pass a motion against TTIP on the 26th of June 2014.

If you would like to help stop these treaties – CETA and TTIP – a useful and simple thing you can do in a few minutes at home is to ask questions of our politicians.  La Maison du Peuple d’Europe and WE Citizens have created a platform where you can directly ask the politicians of your choice pertinent questions:

Or you can use the CETA Check on the website.

Very importantly please try and come to the mobilisation at 17h on the 20th of September in the European Quarter.  This is being timed just before the Bratislava informal council of trade ministers will decide if the EU will sign CETA.  We need to put the pressure on, if Germany could put 250,000 on the streets last October in Berlin. Let’s show them what we can do!


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